Frequently Asked Questions

Parent Child Interaction Therapy Frequently Asked Questions.  The following items are questions that frequently arise when deciding to become a PCIT therapist.  Of course, you may have specific questions and we encourage you to contact us.

Do I need to be licensed before receiving PCIT Training?

Trainees must be licensed (or under supervision for licensure) in order to provide PCIT services.  Thus, trainees must have at least a Master’s Degree (or higher) in counseling/clinical psychology (or related field).  Therapists who receive training before they are licensed, and wish to become a certified PCIT therapist, will need to become licensed before applying for PCIT Certification.  More information on becoming a PCIT Certified Therapist.

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Do I have to have a PCIT room/suite set up before receiving training?

It is highly recommended that you have an established PCIT room/suite prior to participating in PCIT Training.  However, it is not required that you have a PCIT room/suite completed before PCIT training.  If your PCIT room/suite has not been created, you should have established a plan for an appropriate PCIT room prior to training.  Click here for more information on creating your PCIT room.

Will I be certified after attending a 40-hour on-site training?

No, in order to ensure fidelity and integrity to the PCIT model, PCIT Certified Therapists continue training (via weekly training calls) until trainees have successfully completed two PCIT cases.

What is the benefit of becoming certified PCIT therapist?

Certified therapists through the PCIT & TCIT Training Program will be:

  • Formally recognized by PCIT & TCIT Training, and added to the PCIT website so that families and other professionals can contact you for evidence-based services.
  • Provided with a certificate to provide third-party payers that documents you are providing an evidence-based treatment.
  • Invited to join a listserv that is only for Certified Therapists.  This exclusive listserv allows you to submit questions and read discussion on important topics from therapists across the United States.
  • Able to access continuing education opportunities offered by PCIT & TCIT Training.  Continuing education is a requirement to keep your PCIT Certification current.
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