Initial PCIT Therapist Training

Parent Child Interaction Therapy Initial PCIT Therapist Training.  Practitioners who are new to PCIT.  Such individuals may have previous “exposure” to the intervention but have not received formal training with case experience while under consultation from a Certified Trainer.

Why Become Certified as a Therapist?
Certification has been developed in response to therapists, agencies, and third-party payers who have long asked how PCIT providers can document they have met a set of standards for competent delivery of the treatment. Certification is one way PCIT International is promoting the effective dissemination of PCIT nationally and internationally.

How Do I Apply for Therapist Certification?

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What Is the Therapist Certification Process?
Upon submission, your application will be reviewed. When all criteria are met, applicants will be provided access to the Certification Experience, a multiple choice quiz that ensures therapists have knowledge of the most current versions of the PCIT and DPICS Protocols.  After you have successfully completed the Certification Experience, you will receive a certificate from PCIT International and 8 Continuing Education hours for completion of the Certification Experience.  Try some sample questions from the Certification Experience quiz.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Therapist Certification?
Therapists who are certified by PCIT International have met a number of training and competence standards that help to maintain the treatment’s effectiveness. Once you are certified, you will:

  • Have a certificate to provide to third-party payers that shows you have learned the current, evidence-based PCIT protocol.
  • Be placed on the PCIT International website and included in the international database as a certified therapist so that families and other professionals can find you.
  • Have opportunities to attend Call-In Hours hosted by PCIT International Certified Master Trainers.
  • Be invited to join listservs with other certified practitioners.
  • Have access to continuing education opportunities through the PCIT International website that will help you remain up-to-date in PCIT and can also serve to meet APA requirements for Continuing Education Units.

What If I Trained Before 2011 or Under a Trainer Not Certified by PCIT International?
For those trained before 2011 or those trained by a trainer who is not certified by PCIT International, there are two options to become eligible to apply for PCIT Therapist Certification:

1. Complete the Therapist Initial Training (40 hours face-to-face) and Continuation Training: Components include all case experience, skill review, and therapist competency requirements comprising therapist training (see Training Requirements for Certification as a PCIT Therapist ),


2.Complete a Certification Preparation Workshop with accompanying session review. In addition to this 1.5- to 2-day workshop, participants are also required to demonstrate minimal skill competence through session reviews (prerecorded or live) similar to those required of all PCIT Therapists (CDI Teach, CDI Coach, PDI Teach, and PDI Coach). If competencies have been documented through other training activities (e.g., Initial PCIT Training after 2011 or training with a Level I Trainer), these session reviews are not required.